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View from terrace
Panoramic view from the terrace.

Entrance Our condo is on the first floor just to the left of the entrance. The three sets of windows are the guest bedroom, the dining area, and the kitchen. The building is built atop of enclosed parking and storage rooms which, being below ground, make excellent wine cellars for the region's magnificent wines. SLIDE SHOW

The back yard of the complex which has some picnic tables and a small playground (our terrace is the last two planters). The view is looking South along the river path which takes you into Krems (about 2 kilometers). The Krems river is just to the right of the path down a small embankment no more than 30 meters from our terrace (you can hear the stream gurgling). Back yard and river walk

Krems river The Krems river looking upstream (North West). Our condo is on the right about 100 meters from here. The road on the left is the main road through the Krems river valley. It follows the Krems river for another 15 kilometers twisting and turning through forests, vinyards and small villages.

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