The process of forming the crimp requires two steps - a crimping operation and a final rounding operation. These are carried out at two forming regions in the crimper's jaws - the initial crimping station (E) and the final rounding station (F).

At the last bead (A), the wire (B) is passed through the crimp bead or crimp tube (C) - through the clasp or jump ring (D) - back through the crimp (C) - and optionally back through the end bead (A).

In STEP 1, the crimp bead or tube is fully secured to the cord in the crimping station (E). Best results are obtained when the two cords are positioned on either side of the center dimple.

In STEP 2, the final shaping is carried out in the rounding station (F). Here the half rounded crimp is further rolled up to form the finished crimp. Note that in moving from the crimping to the rounding station, the assembly is rotated 90 degrees.

Crimping Animation
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